Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How to Improve Children's Diet in the Summer

Hot summer, hot weather, more and more let a person become lazy, do not want to exercise, even do not want to eat. Summer days often cause gastrointestinal delicate baby, also does not like to eat anything. Mothers are really worried, what food can lift a baby little appetite for it, how to improve the child's diet?

What caused the child to fall in the summer diet?

When in Summer, the body in order to maintain a constant body temperature, blood will be from the viscera to the skin to enhance the thermal dissipation. This will reduce the volume of blood perfusion of visceral, affecting the gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestive juice secretion, so it causes the desire of the diet loss. On the other hand, summer high temperature, sweating, body of some vitamins and minerals will with sweat loss, eventually leading to loss of appetite. In addition, summer sleep time is relatively small, the body fatigue will cause loss of appetite.

How to Improve Children's Diet in the Summer

1. Pay attention to food must be light. Light food will be digested in the stomach. The child's hunger.

2. Cold food products. Some are too limited to cold food to mucosa vasoconstriction in the digestive tract, digestive juice secretion reduces, the digestive function will be reduced.

3. We all try to eat sweets. Know there are more low molecular sugar sweets, these low molecular sugar easily digested and absorbed, resulting in increase in blood glucose, which results in the reduction of appetite.

4. Parents often refurbished recipes. So the child was fresh, diet will cause interest.

5. Eat such as watermelon, melon, sponge gourd, mung bean soup food, these foods contain a lot of salt, can Qingre, to facilitate the excretion of waste. 6 should be appropriate to add vitamin. Vitamin can improve children's eating desire.

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