Saturday, June 25, 2016

Eat Fish can Avoid Baby Allergies

There is a question which has confused many mother: what should we how to reduce risk of children allergic?? in fact, we can start from the diet, let the baby daily to eat fish. Please be patient to read this article, you will get answers from.

Fish can keep body healthier

Eating fish is to make people become healthier one of the secrets, such as salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids is essential in human nutrition, but the body can not be synthesized must be obtained from food when you reduce the human body essential nutrients intake, can let your eyes glazed over.

Eating fish can reduce the risk of allergy

Recently, Sweden launched a study of 4000 baby based on found: children in infancy to eat some of the fish, especially in their nine months before, the allergy, eczema, asthma and the hot air of the pollen risk is reduced by 25%, and this reduction is permanent. In addition, the researchers also found that, the conclusion also applies to already entered adolescence children.

When Eating fish we should pay attention to

Through the investigation and study, researchers found: for one month only eat two meals containing fish meal baby, significantly reduces the risk of allergy. This standard is not high, we are still very easy to do.

But before you go to the supermarket, or farms, one thing you must remember: fish contain mercury and other toxins, so you must select those low mercury fish, such as salmon, catfish, trout, sole milkfish, tilapia.

In addition, you must also insist on the use of FDA (U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended supply: a week to their offer 200-350g fish and their baby to provide 2-3 parts suitable for baby size part.

If you haven't tried to coax the baby to eat fish, then these fish of the magical effect have not let you feel the heart. Can't wait to want to try it? Better cardiac echocardiography, then quickly in tonight to give your baby ready to a "fish feast".

Fish safety check kit - nitrate tester

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